Maraea Wimp MyselfWhat I have done here is simple for week 2 activity.

This was the first activity to do for Cartoon myself  ( Activity 2 ) .

This character looks likes me because she

obviously has long and kinda short hair.

She goes to school. 

Shes tall and pretty. 

How I created this avatar..

I created this avatar by going on to Student Blogging Challenge

and clicking on Previous Post.

When you get there scroll down to activity 3= Make an avatar.Challenge 2-Activity 3.

So I clicked on Wimp Myself and saved it to my computer. Then, clicked new post on the top of my page and clicked, Post A Photo ,then, clicked Select A photo.

But first you must save it into My Documents.

And thats how I made my Avatar.


— Maraea


What to look for?